2020 Murray River Classic

Summer Race 1: 2020 MURRAY RIVER CLASSIC

Sunday 19th January 2020

Venue:                        Murray River. Yarrawonga Caravan Park. Piper St. Yarrawonga Vic

Distance:                                  RACE             Distance          Start Time

Elite Classic    Race *                 5 laps equals   25km               9.00am

Classic Challenge *                    4 laps equals   20km               9.00am

Kevin Phillips Canoe Classic   3 laps equals   15km               9.15am

Adventure Race                         2 laps equal     10km               9.30am

Novice, Sub Junior, U14             1 short lap       1, 2 or 4km     10.00am

* The 20 and 25km races will start at the same time; this enables paddlers to enter either race at the start must be on last lap by 11am.

All boats welcome Inc. Outriggers, SUP, Ski’s and relay teams. (Min 3 required for class)

Long Course: Yellow Buoys. 5km circuit on the Murray River, Starting at the Yarrawonga Caravan Park boat ramp paddle downstream on the right of the river 2.5km to the Yellow turning buoys turning anticlockwise and paddling upstream on the right hand side towards the dead river and a portage at the Green Patch boat ramp and turning anticlockwise just before the Caravan park boat ramp to complete one lap, on the last lap the finish will be upstream level with the boat ramp.

Short course: Green Buoys. Short courses same start at the boat ramp paddle downstream but turn at green buoy at the 500m, 1km or 2km mark then return upstream.

Typical Murray River conditions- slight current and snags

Race Fee:                   Seniors $25. Students $20, Juniors $15 Sub Juniors/Novice $5

 Entries From:            On the day from 8.00am until Briefing

Briefing:                     Classic & Challenge 8.45am Adventure & Novice 9.15am

Services:                    The YMACC will have a full range of food and drinks from the club house for the duration of the race and a BBQ after the race.

Arrive on Saturday afternoon and enjoy the Yarrawonga Waterfest from 4pm at the Yarrawonga Yacht Club that will include junior paddle time trial and other water sport activities including Yachting, Rowing, SUP and windsurfing.